Miroslav Lakobrija was born in Belgrade in 1976. He graduated from high school of Art and Design and went on to earn his degree in Sculpture from the Academy of Applied Arts. Miroslav and Jaksa Vlahovic  formed a film group “Young Cuts”and began doing special make-up effects. Miroslav participated in the making of a large number of films ranging from short student films to feature films for which he created numerous special effects ( A Serbian Film, The Life and Death of a Porno Gang, Zone of the Dead, T.T. Syndrome). He also directed and produced a short film called The Last Drop. He has won a lot of awards for special effects including best special effects at the Nashville Full Moon Festival. He is the co-founder and selector of the Festival of  Serbian Fantastic film and founder of the association Mladi kadrovi ( Young Cuts).



2015 Magi (special effects) (post-production)

2015 Amanet (special effects makeup)
2014 Nymph aka Sirena ubojica (creature creator) / (special effects makeup)
2013 Top je bio vreo (special effects makeup)

2012 The Whirl (special effects makeup)

2012 Artiljero (special effects)

2011 The Parade (puppets modeling artist)

2011 Legenda o Cunamiju: Oluja dolazi (short) (special effects designer)

2011 Last Drop (short) (special effects supervisor)

2011 The Enemy (special effects)

2010 Izmedju Smrti i Jave (short) (special effects)

2010 A Serbian Film (special effects supervisor)

2009 St. George Shoots the Dragon (special effects supervisor)

2009 The Life and Death of a Porno Gang (special effects makeup)

2009 Zone of the Dead (special effects makeup)

2008 Devojacki Bunar (short) (special effects)

2006 Krojaceva tajna (special effects makeup)

2002 Mala nocna muzika (special effects makeup)

2002 T.T. Sindrom (special effects technician)

2002 Glad  (short) (special effects makeup)


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